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Welcome to Katie Bug Quilting

Katie Bug - tee shirt quilts, Roanoke, VA

Specialty Quilts Since 2006

Now offering even more specialty quilt products. Katie Bug Quilting - and Katie! - have grown considerably in the past five years. Both are vibrant and exciting, and eagerly looking forward to new and more interesting challenges.

At Katiebug Quilting, we transform your favorite tee shirts, award ribbons, ball caps or neckties, photos transferred to fabric, any of those precious memories of special days and times that you want to preserve, to create new, custom-quilted heirlooms that will keep you and your family and loved ones warm in body and spirit for years to come.

Promote your business, your town, your church or organization with a decorative quilted wall hanging that draws attention to who you are and what you do. Pillows. Throws. If it is fabric or can be imprinted on fabric, we can design unique gift items for any special occasion: wedding, birthday, graduation, anniversary, Christmas. Mothers/Fathers Day … or just to say “I love you.” How do we do this?

Experienced – custom - creative handcrafting. Choice materials. Proven quality and customer satisfaction. That’s why you will want to trust Cathie with turning your fabric memories into a true family heirloom or unique gift for that special person or occasion.

For your business or organization, a Katie Bug Quilting product helps you celebrate your products, services, personnel, anniversaries or whatever you choose with an attractive, eye-catching quilt that will draw people to your enterprise.

What is your idea? Let’s see what we can do together. To achieve this, call Cathie so she can work directly with you to determine your goals for each and every project. Every finished piece reflects her demanding craftsmanship and your vision. And you don’t have to take our word for that.

“30 Years of Steppin’ Out Quilt” celebrates Blacksburg’s three decades of Downtown pride festival.

What our clients say …

"Cathie: Believe it or not, we had a fire at my condo in Christiansburg, VA in August 2011. The firemen saved my VT quilt that you made for me. I was in tears when he carried it out. I was SO THANKFUL! Fire caused by strike of lightning - act of God. Condo totally destroyed. We are in the process of rebuilding." -Pam

Oh, ‘like’ is such a small word! Love the quilt, admire it, appreciate it, think it is awesome!” - Terri H.

“My sister just received the quilt this weekend. She called to tell me
and she absolutely loves it! Thank you so much.” - Amanda S.

"The quilt arrived last night and IT IS BEAUTIFUL!  Thank you so much for all your hard work, I know he is going to love it as much as a boy of 18 can!
Once I get enough t-shirt from my running events I will be placing another order - this one for myself!" - Margaret J.

“I will be visiting my daughter at her University this weekend. I saw some of your work displayed awhile ago, just beautiful! “ - Amy C.

“My daughter (a senior at college) was the very lucky winner of the quilt raffle for her 21st birthday on the weekend of Nov. 13.  What a thrill for her!  It is an awesome quilt.
Ironically our plan for her graduation present was to be that exact thing!
Instead I am wondering if you are available for making a similar quilt for our son??
I have a box of his school shirts.  I looked over your web sight and am not sure which background color would be good for the funky array of colors.  Could you help with that detail?” - Susan L.

“Quilt received and greatly admired by all … thank you for such a priceless gift. So glad we contacted you.” - Pat G.

“Cathie, I received the quilts today. Just in time for Christmas. They are beautiful. I love them. … They came out better than I imagined. I would like to have one made for a friend. Are you taking orders? I am so thrilled with the quilts. Thank you so much!” - Toni G.

“Cathie, thanks so much for making the quilt!! Sarah is looking forward to taking it to college with her later this month. I have shown my quilt to many of my __ friends. They just love it! So do I!” - Pam

“Hi, Cathie. I just wanted to send my daughter’s response to your hard work on her quilty. SHE LOVED IT!” - Pam H.

“We love the quilt!!!!! It is great!” - Evelyn

“Dear Mrs. Osterman:
Some of us from the Class of ’68 successfully bid on the quilt you made for our Wrestling fund-raiser. We are happy to have it made into a display to commemorate our classmate who is a 3-time Conference Champion, and was the epitome of someone dedicated to excellence in sport and a wonderful person. Thank you for you craftwork that we can use as a backdrop for his memory and as an advertisement for our Wrestling and athletics program.” - Class member 1968

The quilt is beautiful! The owner was so surprised and excited!  Thank you again.” - Mary J.

Our daughter arrived in Buenos Aires this morning along with her t-shirt quilt!!!  We cannot thank you enough!  She was so pleased and surprised! She loves it!  And she was able to take all of those wonderful memories with her to Argentina for the next 2 years!  What a special gift that was for her!!
You do just absolutely beautiful work!  What a treasure!” - Amy C.

Cathie: You made a Virginia Tech quilt for my son last fall. Just wanted to let you know that he absolutely loved it, as did we. If you recall, he is in the Air Force, so I had to ship it and was very nervous about doing that, but it got there just fine. We were all so happy with it, and it is something he will treasure his whole life. I have since given your name to others who want to have a quilt made. I will be calling you in the future when I have one made for my daughter.” - Angie S.

“Got it! And it's beautiful!!  Only mistake was ours `cause we sent you two almost identical shirts w/o realizing it.  Only wish I had 20 more I was willing to cut up. It fits the queen bed in the RV perfectly.  That way I will have it to show off at the races.  Hope I can generate some business for you... I'll be sure to tell `em to save the trouble and NOT cut the shirts!! Thanks!” - Kelcie

Please call me at 540-992-4490 for additional information, a quote or consultation about your particular project.