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Details & Shipping

What Materials Works Best for Your Quilt?

I can use fronts or backs of T-shirts, or I can work both into your quilt. I can also combine several small designs into a single block.  This includes using sleeves and pockets. Sweatshirts or tank tops can also be used to make squares. For a quality finished product, please wash or treat all submitted materials so they are clean and free of lint, hairs, or any other extraneous matter that can create problems in the manufacturing stage. ( I recommend washing your tees, sweats, and other washable fabrics in cold water with a cup to a 1½ cups of ordinary vinegar before sending them. Please do NOT use fabric softener or detergent for the final pre-delivery wash as the chemicals can inhibit the fusible backing process used in the final product. See additional details below.)

How to Care for Your New Quilt
The border and backing fabrics are pre-washed.  The quilts are as washable as the materials provided. Older tees that are becoming thin and worn will actually do well in the quilt because of the backing used on the squares.

How Are Materials Prepared for Quilting?
Tees are prepared by applying a fusible backing to prevent stretching, to fill small holes and to stop runs.  This process also preserves favorite and worn shirts, making quality quilting possible.

How Is the Final Design Created?
I will take your shirts, ties or other memory materials you send and arrange them in a pattern that compliments the tees, ties, etc., crafting a border and sashing of coordinating color.  Or, you may want to specify exactly which color or layout design you have in mind, and I will follow those instructions.

What Other Materials Are Used in My Quilt?
I only use first quality, 100% cotton fabric for the sashing, backing and binding.  The batting is polyester.

How Much Will My Quilt Cost?
Each quilted product is priced according to its size, complexity and the amount of additional materials that need to be used for the final piece. Our price includes machine quilting and all added materials, sashing, binding and batting.  The final price is, then, complete, encompassing all labor and materials … except, of course, the materials you provided!

How Is My Quilt Bound-Off?
Your quilt will be finished with a double folded fabric binding.

Do You Accept Special Requests?
This is your quilt. My challenge is to work closely with you to fulfill your vision, regardless of the materials, just as long as they are fabric or can be represented in fabric. Other items people have used in their quilted items include baseball caps, photographs, golf towels, and bib numbers.  Or, if you want a particular color for sashing, border or binding, can do! Special requests, though, that need large amounts of hand stitching or outside services will face additional charges.

Are There Size Options?
Yes, indeed! There are quite a variety of options, depending on how you plan to use your quilt. Sizes range from 9 or 12 blocks for a wall hanging, or 12 blocks for a throw.  A king size takes 42 blocks.  Quilt sizes can be requested, but most sizes depend on how large the design is on the T-shirt and the width of the sashing.  We make every attempt to make a quilt that fulfills your requested size, but exact size cannot always be guaranteed, as each quilt is unique creation.

What About Machine Quilting?
There are differences in the way quilts are made. Many t-shirt quilts are not actually quilted.  These are ones that are just sandwiched together, with the layers hand tied, spot tacked, or that simply outline the shirts.  This method results in sagging, bunching, and an unstable quilt.  Quilts by KatiebugQuilting are densely machine quilted for strength and durability.

How to Prepare Your Materials for Shipping
As we mentioned earlier, all washable materials must be laundered and in good condition.  Stains or discolorations in the submitted materials will show up on your quilt.  We have found that stain treatments such as Oxiclean can freshen and brighten up older t-shirts and other washable materials.  Again, Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets as they interfere with stabilizer treatment we use in the quilting process and your materials will not adhere properly to the backing.  Any materials sent that need cleaning will have a $25.00 washing fee added to the quilt price.

Label your shirts "front", "back", or "both" so I will know what you want for the quilt.  If they are not labeled, I will use the side I like best.  Do not use tape, Post It Notes, or anything with adhesive to mark the front and back of the t-shirts. Use a plain piece of paper with the directions, and pin it to the individual shirt, hat, etc.

Do not cut shirts in advance.  If they are already pre-cut, please contact me so we can work something out together.

If you submit photos for dye-transfer to fabric, remember that the higher the quality of the photo, the more like that original the transfer will be. However, this process cannot produce an exact replication of your photograph. So, if your photograph is old, faded, or out of focus, those qualities will be more apparent in the transfer.

Quilts look best when there is a balanced number of rows.  For example, if you send 20 t-shirts the quilt will be in rows of 4 blocks x 5 blocks.  If you send 23 t-shirts I would need to add 2 more to make it a 5 x 5 block quilt.  It's a good idea to lay the t-shirts out before they are sent to make sure you don't have a long and narrow quilt with your numbers, or a quilt that needs more blocks added to keep the rows even. Also, please tell me, if your quilt is for a specific person, whether it is a small child, teen, adult, male, female, etc. This will help me in working with you to determine appropriate size, colors and fabrics.


Quilt Sizes
Size # of T-Shirts
Wall Hanging 9-12
Throw 12-16
Twin 20
Full 25
Queen 36
King up to 42
Note: A quilt is a custom-made, one of a kind creation; therefore final size varies slightly.
There is a $125 Deposit on all quilts.

Standard Setting
For the standard setting the t-shirt blocks are placed beside each other with no fabric insert between the blocks. A border is added to frame the quilt.
  • 13.50 / block

Tradition 1
The first traditional setting has 2" strips of fabric inserted between the t-shirt blocks. A border is added to frame the quilt. No corner blocks of fabric are used in this quilt.
  • 14.50 / block

Tradition 2
For the second traditional setting 2" strips of fabric (sashing) are inserted between the t-shirt blocks, with coordinating corner blocks. A border is added to frame the quilt.
  • 15.50 / block

Memory Quilts
These quilts are made out of clothing from your loved ones and can also include photo transfers. Various sizes and styles are available.  Prices vary please call for more information. 

Optional Items
Throw Pillow ........................$50.00 and up
Rod Pockets.......................$20.00 and up
Photo Transfers ................... Call for Price
Double Border ......................$35.00 and up