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Quilt Styles

Choosing the right quilt for you

Once you select the type of quilt you want – Memory, Tee, Necktie, Award Ribbon – you will want to select the style that best suits your use intentions and best displays the materials you submit for the end product … your custom heirloom quilt.

The “type” names indicate the basic materials used, while the “style” indicates how those materials are worked into and displayed against the other fabrics used to complete the project. The “standard” style stitches all the submitted materials together in a single mosaic pattern, with matching or contrasting border and edge fabric used to complete the quilt and arrive at the desired size you want. The “traditional” quilt style separates your materials (neckties, tee shirts, photo transfers, award ribbons, etc.) with fabric spacers/sashing, with stripes of fabric worked into the design to add design character and achieve the desired completed size.

Click on any one of the style/type samples on this page to see an enlargement of that quilt.

For a fuller display of styles and types, please go to the Gallery page.

Tee Standard Quilts
Tee-Shirt Quilt
Ribbon Standard Quilt
Award Ribbon Quilt
Necktie Traditional Quilt
Necktie Quilt
Memory Quilts
Memory Quilt